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About Wood and bamboo crafts
What are wood and bamboo crafts?
Japanese wood and bamboo crafts refer to traditional furniture, tools, containers, and other items made from various kinds of wood such as cedar, zelkova, paulownia, and bamboo. Traditional Japanese woodworking techniques include "sashimono" (joining wood pieces together without using nails), "hikimono" (wood turning on a lathe), "kurimono" (hollowing out wood using blades), and "magemono" (bending and conjoining thin pieces of wood). For bamboo work, many techniques involve the weaving of bamboo strips, making use of the bamboo's natural flexibility.
History of wood and bamboo crafts
Wood has been used in Japan since ancient times to make various tools and containers. Woodworking techniques developed dramatically with the arrival of Buddhism as works focused on temple furnishings, Buddhist statues, and altar equipment. With the rise in popularity of the tea ceremony during the Muromachi period (1336-1573), the crafting of tea utensils using bamboo flourished.
Wood and bamboo crafts today
Today, aside from artistic handicrafts, traditional wood and bamboo working techniques are used to make various everyday items with modern designs suitable for the current age.
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Traditional Crafts of Japan
About Wood and bamboo crafts
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