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Imari/Arita wareSakaida Kakiemon XV十五代柿右衛門


Sakaida Kakiemon XV

Imari/Arita ware  1968-

Kakiemon is said to have been the first to develop the Akae technique in Japan.
One of the main characteristics of Kakiemon's works is the soft, warm, milky white fabric called "Nigoshide".
Kakiemon XV has inherited this technique. His predecessor, Kakiemon XIV, is a Living National Treasure, and Kakiemon (Nigoshide) is designated as a national intangible cultural asset.
The porcelain porcelain of the Kakiemon style, in which the colors of the Nigoshide are displayed in an asymmetrical composition utilizing the margins, and in which flowers and birds blooming in the fields and mountains are delicately painted, is very popular.


Profile Profile
Born April 17, in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture.
Dropped out of the Department of Painting (Japanese painting major) at Tama Art University.
Studied under his father, Sakaida Kakiemon XIV
Became a member of Arita Ceramics Association.
Became chairman of the Kakiemon Ceramics Technology Preservation Society, an important intangible cultural property holding organization.

Become a regular member of the Japan Kogei Association.

Succeeded to the name of Sakaida Kakiemon XV on February 4.

Awards received

Awards received Awards received
Selected for the first time at the 45th Western Traditional Crafts Exhibition.

Selected for the first time at the 57th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition.

Exhibited “Nishiki Karaume Bunbachi” at the 48th Western Traditional Crafts Exhibition and won the KAB Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Award.

Works by Sakaida Kakiemon XV

Works by  Sakaida Kakiemon XV Sakaida Kakiemon XV