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Kasama wareMasami Kobayashi小林政美


Masami Kobayashi

Kasama ware

It is a form and beauty that the user of the vessel (which is made freely in nature) can use with their heart and mind to create more than just a vessel. Each of us needs high ideals to achieve this. I would like to discover the potential of human beings as they are in nature and create vessels (works of art) without being concerned with craft or art.


Profile Profile

Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1952.
Studied under Koji Nakano.
Participated in numerous exchange exhibitions in Japan and abroad.
Works of the Wind Tunnel series collected Cernuschi Museum, Paris.

Awards received

Awards received Awards received
Awarded the Excellence Prize at the Ibaraki Prefectural Art Festival
Awarded the Gold Prize at the International Ceramic Art Exhibition
Awarded the Mainichi Grand Prize at the Kasama and Mashiko Ceramic Artists Exhibition
Awarded the Grand Prize at the North Kanto Ceramic Art Exhibition

Works by Masami Kobayashi

Works by  Masami Kobayashi Masami Kobayashi