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Kasama wareKen Shoji庄司健


Ken Shoji

Kasama ware  1977-

"Bringing colors to everyday life."

I use the "iroe" (multicolored overglaze) technique, a style of painting that uses colors to express the rich, deep tones and textures like impressionist paintings. This was cultivated during my five-year apprenticeship, when I came into contact with and learned the nunome (cloth pattern) technique from my master, who emphasized the importance of texture. In order to enhance this technique, I am also studying how to express texture by experimenting with color combinations and variations in shading. It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience, but I am polishing my skills by researching my own unique "iroe", to express more elegance and dignity. I hope that you will enjoy the "color" expressed through ceramics in your daily life.

<About the process of production>
All of the iroe pottery pieces are first prepared with a base of white slip for applying color after molding. This is one of the most important processes, because the coloring and texture of the piece changes depending on the amount of white slip applied. After that, three colors are layered to express gradation. For overglaze painting, the process of applying black overglaze pigment is repeated, adding layers of color and firing according to the firing conditions at that time.


Profile Profile
Born in Miyagi Prefecture
Graduated from Tohoku University of Art & Design
Studied under Mr. Motohiko Ito
Built a kiln in Kasama City

Awards received

Awards received Awards received

Works by Ken Shoji

Works by  Ken Shoji Ken Shoji