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White porcelainShoh Araya荒谷翔


Shoh Araya

White porcelain  1988-

Araya aims to make modern porcelain using traditional Japanese ash glazes. He tries to create porcelain which has simple and natural taste. His porcelain works usually have fine craquelure on the surface. His works were collected and exhibited by several Japanese corporations. He is considered to be one of Japan’s most promising, emerging contemporary ceramic artists.


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Born in 1988, Shoh Araya graduated from Tsukuba University's School of Arts and Design in 2013. He then earned a master's degree at Tokyo University of the Arts with a focus on ceramics. He worked for Myofukuji Temple's Kogure Kiln from 2013 to 2017. He became independent and started his kiln in Kanazawa in 2017. Kanazawa is located in the middle of Japan and is one of the key areas of ceramic art traditionally.

Araya has held solo exhibitions at art galleries, such as the Gallery Tosei in Osaka in 2014, Yamani Otsuka in Tochigi in 2014, and Gallery Saika in Ibaraki in 2015. He participated in the Kogei Art Fair of Kanazawa in 2017.

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Awards received Awards received

Works by Shoh Araya

Works by  Shoh Araya Shoh Araya