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White porcelainMizuho Takeda竹田みずほ


Mizuho Takeda

White porcelain  1988-

Takeda specializes in making white porcelain and bluish white porcelain. She carves patterns on the surface of porcelain and glazes them. Her works are characterized by delicate color tones and textures.


Profile Profile

Mizuho Takeda was born in Tokyo in 1988. She graduated from the Department of Crafts of Tokyo University of the Arts, the top art university in Japan, in 2013 and earned a master's degree from the same university with a focus on ceramics in 2015. She started her kiln in Kanazawa in 2017. Kanazawa is located in the middle of Japan and is one of the key areas of ceramic art traditionally. Artworks of Kanazawa are characterized by their decorative taste.
She is regarded as one of the emerging young ceramic artists and holds exhibitions regularly at major art galleries in Japan.

Awards received

Awards received Awards received

Takeda won the Ataka Award in 2012 and the Oimatsu Award at the Itami International Craft Exhibition in 2016.

Works by Mizuho Takeda

Works by  Mizuho Takeda Mizuho Takeda