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NeriageTomoyuki Hoshino星野友幸


Tomoyuki Hoshino

Neriage  1976-

Hoshino developed the Neri-tsugi method by combining Neriage and Dou-tsugi. He is regarded as one of Japan's promising, mid-career ceramic artists.


Profile Profile

Tomoyuki Hoshino was born in Yamanashi (located next to Tokyo) in 1976. After graduating from Yokohama City University's faculty of commerce in 1999, he worked for a recruitment consultancy firm for five years. He then changed his career to become a potter and entered Kyoto Prefectural Ceramic School in 2005. He was apprenticed to Yuuichi Ikai, a prominent ceramic artist of Kyoto, for two years. He became independent and launched his kiln in 2007. He became a regular member of Japan Kogei Association in 2013.
Hoshino has held solo exhibitions at major art galleries throughout Japan, including those held at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi in 2014, 2017 and 2018, Kakiden Gallery in 2015 and 2017, Mizen Fine Art in Paris in 2016, Okajima Department Store in 2016, Mitsukoshi Fukuoka in 2017, LIXIL Gallery in 2017, Takashimaya Osaka in 2019 and Gallery Zuien in 2019.

Awards received

Awards received Awards received

Hoshino won prizes at the 53rd Eastern Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition’s Mitsukoshi Isetan Award in 2013, the 60th Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition’s Encouragement Award in 2013, the 5th Kikuchi Biennale’s Encouragement Award in 2013, the 22nd Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition’s Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum Award in 2013, the 1st TOBI Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition’s Award of Excellence in 2013, the 11th International Ceramic Competition Mino Japan Competition’s Jury's Special Award in 2017.

Works by Tomoyuki Hoshino

Works by  Tomoyuki Hoshino Tomoyuki Hoshino