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Hakone wood mosaicNozawa Sakuzou Store野沢作蔵商店


Nozawa Sakuzou Store

Hakone wood mosaic  1916-

Nozawa Sakuzou Store offers Yosegi-zaiku (wooden mosaic work) made by craftsmen in Odawara and Hakone.
In recent years, Nozawa has been exporting Yosegi-Zaiku works to the United States, Europe, and Australia, helping to promote this wonderful Japanese traditional craft to the world.
Yosegi-zaiku is recommended not only as a souvenir, but also as an item for daily use.
Nozawa Sakuzou Store is proud to offer products that will be loved by many people of all generations.


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Works by Nozawa Sakuzou Store

Works by  Nozawa Sakuzou Store Nozawa Sakuzou Store