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Beppu bamboo craftsTraditional craftsmanShouhaku Yufu油布 昌伯

油布 昌伯

Shouhaku Yufu

Beppu bamboo crafts  1941-

Traditional craftsman

Yufu is one of the most famous bamboo artists in Japan, and has been active for nearly 60 years. Using locally grown bamboo from Oita Prefecture, he has been producing highly original works backed by his unique sensibility, long years of experience, and high technical skills. The technique is called yatara weaving, and the way he combines bamboo strands of various sizes, appearances, and shapes into one object is nothing short of magnificent. His unique style is also popular overseas, and he is planning a solo exhibition in the United States.


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Works by Shouhaku Yufu

Works by  Shouhaku Yufu Shouhaku Yufu