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Beppu bamboo craftsShoukou Kawano河野 祥篁

河野 祥篁

Shoukou Kawano

Beppu bamboo crafts

Kawano freely weaves ultra-thin bamboo strands, about 1.5mm wide and 0.4mm thick, to create works inspired by various creatures that exist in nature. After weaving the bottom with higo, he bends it with an electric iron, and then weaves it in while adjusting the weave. The flexibility of the bamboo and the shiny color of the higo create a tasteful finish. In addition, each part of the weave has a different hue, creating a wonderful fusion. Mr. Kawano’s bamboo crafting career spans 30 years, and he is a regular member of the Japan Craft Association.


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Works by Shoukou Kawano

Works by  Shoukou Kawano Shoukou Kawano