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Beppu bamboo craftsTraditional craftsmanKoho Kajiwara梶原 光峰

梶原 光峰

Koho Kajiwara

Beppu bamboo crafts

Traditional craftsman

Kajiwara was born in Hita City. He began to study under Kounsaï Iwao since 1952. In 1962 he became independent and started his own business. He began participating in exhibitions the same year, and since 1977 has participated in the Western Craft Exhibition, winning several awards. Since 1979 he has participated in the Japanese Traditional Craft Exhibition, winning awards once. In 1996, when he attended the Lyon Summit, he gave a gift to President Chirac, and his work was adopted. He is a traditional artisan and a regular member of the Japan Craft Association.


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Works by Koho Kajiwara

Works by  Koho Kajiwara Koho Kajiwara