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Higo inlaysYoku Aso麻生 翼

麻生 翼

Yoku Aso

Higo inlays

Representative of the workshop Standing Straight Studio. Born in a family that owned a woodworking shop, he became interested in handicrafts, which he had been familiar with since childhood, and went to the U.S. at the age of 22. After studying metal engraving at a technical college, he worked as a metal engraver for a company owned by one of the instructors. After returning to Japan after a five-year stay in the U.S., he began working as an engraver, and in 2003, he participated in a project to foster successors of traditional crafts and learned the techniques of Higo inlay. He is good at detailed work and pursues simplicity in his craftsmanship.


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Works by  Yoku Aso Yoku Aso