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Osaka naniwa pewterwareOsaka Tinware大阪錫器


Osaka Tinware

Osaka naniwa pewterware  1949-

We are a company specializing in the production of tinware.
Led by \"modern master craftsman\" Tatsuyoshi Imai ( Traditional Craftsman), there are five nationally certified Traditional Craftsman and 20 men and women engaged.
The technology of Osaka Tinware originated with IheiⅠ(Susui), who was a descendant of the Kyo Tin that spread from Kyoto to Osaka in the late Edo Period, and has flourished in Osaka for generations. Osaka Tinware Co., Ltd. was established by Yaichiro Imai in 1949, and the techniques and cultivation of traditional crafts have been passed down to the present day. With the passage of time, the techniques and techniques have been refined, and some of them have changed into shapes that match our daily lives, but the craftsmanship and spirit of manufacturing are still being inherited.


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Works by Osaka Tinware

Works by  Osaka Tinware Osaka Tinware
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