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Kawatsura lacquerwareJujiro寿次郎



Kawatsura lacquerware

Jujiro strives to improve the techniques and designs of Kawatsura lacquerware, a traditional craft designated by the government and with a history of over 800 years. Jujiro will bring peace of mind, comfort, and enrichment to users. Jujiro offers products that can be used for a long time, not as artworks, but as daily life vessels, so that the things made in the past can be accepted in today's life.


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Jujiro started a lacquerware manufacturing and sales business in Inagawa-cho, Ogatsu-gun (now Kawatsura-cho), Akita Prefecture. After Jujiro's death, Ray took over the business with several craftsmen and sold the lacquerware wholesale to local lacquerware peddlers as well as to retailers in the Tohoku region.
Koichi Sato, the president of the company, took over the family business after graduating from high school and learned Kawatsura lacquerware (from the base coat to all aspects of lacquering) from Katsuo Fujita, a craftsman who came to his house.
While continuing to sell lacquerware wholesale, Koichi became connected with a variety of people through the lacquerware association. (Department stores, wholesalers, designers, craftsmen, etc.)
Koichi participated in a public exhibition of the Japan Craft Design Association and became a full member.
Koichi created collaborative works with designers and makers, and exhibited them at exhibitions in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Utilizing his connections with the Japan Craft Design Association and the Akita Craft Design Association, Koichi began to create works that differed from his previous style, as well as collaborating with other members of the association, and exhibited them in exhibitions in the Tokyo metropolitan area and abroad.
Koichi’s son Fumiyuki Sato enrolls in the Wajima Institute of Lacquer Craft, completing two years of special training and three years of general training.
Fumiyuki returned to Japan and learned from his father all aspects of Kawatsura lacquerware, from the base to the finishing touches. Under father's guidance, he participated in the New Works of Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition (East Japan Branch Exhibition), Akita Prefecture Art Exhibition, Kahoku Craft Exhibition, and other public exhibitions.
Through sales exhibitions around the country, Jujiro made connections with people in restaurants, tableware specialty stores, and experts in different fields such as table coordinators.
Jujiro’s lacquerware products were introduced at the “Japanese Food Culture Seminar” held at the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, France.
Jujiro was invited to the "Business Meeting with Overseas Buyers" organized by JETRO in Sendai City and had an opportunity to meet with French and German manufacturers.
Jujiro’s Ojyu-box was introduced at the booth of the Ceramics Association in the Japan Pavilion at the Milan Expo held in Italy.

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