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Shigaraki wareTomohiro Matsumoto松本 伴宏

松本 伴宏

Tomohiro Matsumoto

Shigaraki ware

Tomohiro Matsumoto was born in Shigaraki (located right east of Kyoto) in 1968. Matsumoto is the fifth-generation potter as his ancestor started his kiln in the 19th century. He now creates Akae ware and Shigaraki ware (unglazed ceramics) in Shigaraki city. He completed Shigaraki Ceramic School in 1987 and Kyoto Industrial and Ceramic School in 1989. When he was in Kyoto, he intensively learned the 17th century ceramics of Kyoto which was decorated by pigments of various colors. In 1993, he became independent and started his kiln in Shigaraki, a city that has a pottery producing history of more than one thousand years. He has solo and group exhibitions regularly at major art galleries in Japan.


Profile Profile
Born in Shigaraki Town, Shiga Prefecture
Completed Shigaraki Ceramics Research Institute
Graduated from Kyoto Pottery Training School
Completed Kyoto Industrial Research Institute
Became independent in Shigaraki
Holds solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo and other places

Awards received

Awards received Awards received

Works by Tomohiro Matsumoto

Works by  Tomohiro Matsumoto Tomohiro Matsumoto