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Nambu ironwareToushin-hanbai東伸販売株式会社



Nambu ironware  1985-

Chobundo has been in business for about 70 years, inheriting techniques cultivated over its long history. Since its establishment, the company has been most dedicated to making iron kettles. The will of the first generation to "make iron kettles that will be loved for a long time" has been passed down to the third generation Chobun Hasegawa. He has been certified as a traditional craftsman and continues to hone his skills. An iron kettle is not only a tool for boiling water, but also a tool that can pass the time with the owner. In the past, iron kettles were handed down from generation to generation with the memories of each generation. The passage of time fosters attachment to the tools and brings richness to our daily lives. Iron kettles have a charm that can only be found in tools that have been used since long ago. We hope you will enjoy our iron kettles as a companion for your daily life.


Profile Profile
Goshin Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in Miyamachi, Yamagata City.
Started manufacturing aluminum pot kettles with five employees.
January 1985
Separated the sales division and established Tohshin Hanbai Co.
Susumu Yamaguchi appointed president.
Acquisition of various trademark brands:
・Goshin (trademark registration No. 3137569)
・Inakanabe (trademark registration No. 3163976)
・Inaka (trademark registration No. 737166)
・Michinoku (Trademark registration No. 3166078)
April 1985
Moved office and warehouse to Miyamachi, Yamagata City.
Jan 1995
Rei Yamaguchi appointed President.
November 2011
Naoya Yamaguchi appointed President.

Awards received

Awards received Awards received

Works by Toushin-hanbai

Works by  Toushin-hanbai Toushin-hanbai