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Yamagata cast iron9th Generation of SeikodoSeiko Sato佐藤 清光

佐藤 清光

Seiko Sato

Yamagata cast iron  1945-

9th Generation of Seikodo

In 1735, the first generation Kihachi founded the iron casting business of Seikodo, a workshop specializing in tea ceremony kettles and iron kettles since the Edo period. Ouko assumed the ninth generation of Seiko, inherited the techniques of his ancestors and continues them today. All of Seikodo's work is done by hand, and the production is carried out by a small group of people. Please enjoy the traditional Japanese beauty, and the world of Yamagata cast iron by Seikodo.
*Creators Seiko Sato and Ouko Sato are the same person.


Profile Profile
Born in Yamagata City as the first son of his father the 8th Seiko
After graduating from Takushoku University, he entered the family business. Received technical training from his father, a kettle craftsman.
His works have been exhibited at the Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition, and he has received various awards.

Awards received

Awards received Awards received

Successive generations of Seikodo won awards at the Belgium World Exposition, Paris World Exposition, and American World Exposition.

Works by Seiko Sato

Works by  Seiko Sato Seiko Sato