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Tokoname wareUkou Ceramics宇幸窯


Ukou Ceramics

Tokoname ware  1972-

We are a pottery manufacturer of Tokoname ware tea utensils.
Tokoname ware is a type of pottery produced in and around Tokoname City, located in the Chita Peninsula of Aichi Prefecture, and is one of the six oldest potteries in Japan.
We have been producing Tokoname ware tea sets for over 40 years, and have been focusing on tea sets of teapots and teacups. In order to produce better products, we manufactures our own teapots from the raw materials for teapots, namely mud clay. Most of our products are made by oxidizing and then reduction firing the fabric molded with red clay to blacken it (a technique used in Tokoname ware).


Profile Profile
July 1972
Mizumoto Toen Ukou Kiln established and started manufacturing Tokoname ware tea utensils.
March 1987
Obi tea strainer net received utility model patent (No. 1671644).
February 1989
Mizumoto Toen Limited Company established.
March 1994
Started raw material soil manufacturing.
April 2008
Registered the regional group trademark "TOKONAME-YAKI" (registration number: 08-1007)

Awards received

Awards received Awards received
Kyusu teapot with 2 cups, Black mud, Fuku shape, Purple scarf awarded Gold Prize at the first OMOTENASHI Selection

Works by Ukou Ceramics

Works by  Ukou Ceramics Ukou Ceramics