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Mino wareTraditional craftsmanYoshihei Katou加藤 芳平

加藤 芳平

Yoshihei Katou

Mino ware  1975-

Traditional craftsman

I produce tableware that adds color to the everyday dining table with its beauty and ease of use. Starting with the transparent reds created by my own glazes, the gentle hues of blue, yellow, green, and purple are a new expression not seen in traditional Mino ware. In addition, by layering colored glaze on the delicate and dynamic patterns carved by my own "iron brush," I depict the works as if they were paintings with a sense of three-dimensionality. The overall color of the vessel is gently combined to create a gorgeous, but not too flamboyant tableware, which adds exquisite color to the table without being too assertive, no matter what kind of food is served. The soft form, lightness, size, comfort, height, and weight are all carefully considered. Please enjoy the new Mino ware that traditional craftsman is trying to create.


Profile Profile
Born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Graduated from Nagoya College of Art and Design, Product Design Course
Completed Tajimi City Institute of Ceramic Design
Studied "Oribe" and "Akae" under Mr. Takumi Kuroiwa
Became independent
Certified as a Traditional Craftsman of Mino Ceramic Ware

Awards received

Awards received Awards received
Selected for the 22nd Mino Tea Bowl Exhibition

Works by Yoshihei Katou

Works by  Yoshihei Katou Yoshihei Katou
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