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Cherry blossoms in traditional crafts Part 2

Cherry blossoms are in season all over Japan.


In different parts of Japan, there are vividly colored cherry blossoms, plain cherry blossoms, and chic cherry blossoms.


Also there are cherry blossoms in handicrafts, which give you a different taste from the real ones.


Over the next five days, we will bring you a selection of cherry blossom-themed crafts on Instagram. These craft works are also shown on our Facebook shop and please have a look.


Music box, jewelry box Cherry blossoms / Otake Lacquerware Store

Music box, jewelry box Cherry blossoms/Otake Lacquerware Store


Small box, princess, maki-e / Sanao Matsuda

Small box, princess, maki-e/Sanao Matsuda


Round tray, checkered, cherry blossoms/ Yatsuyanagi

Round tray, checkered, cherry blossoms/Yatsuyanagi


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